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We know that when we are representing sellers they want multiple offers.  Give them what they want...

Have you ever thought of offering sellers two offers simultaneously?  When our children want to buy a toy at the toy store, we usually say something like " You can have a truck or a helicopter - which would you like"?

Can you do that with sellers?  You sure can!  Offer # 1 - you can write a low price that favors your buyer, and a good deposit, perfect possession date, great terms and conditions all that favor the seller.  This could also mean a condition free offer.  Offer # 2 - you could write a higher price with a lower deposit, many conditions, and terms all in favor of your buyer.

The seller has to make a choice.  Do they pick offer # 1 that

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What is your buyer has fallen in love with a property, but is just $10,000 short on the purchase price and the seller won't budge?

Have you ever thought of bartering?  Maybe the buyer has a spare car in the garage that he's been thinking of selling and it's worth $15,000.  You could also ask the seller if they would mind taking the car instead of the $10,000.  You can trade many things.  It must be shown on the offer to purchase under "other value" and this is accepted as part of the transaction.  Always remember that a lender may want to show additional items as having no monetary value if they are not calculated as part of the purchase price on the offer to purchase. 

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